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ux: here is sway (no.1)


MissionThe Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault is organized to put end to sexual violence in Maine and to ensure that there will be ongoing support and services for victims and survivors.

Their efforts include:
-Initiating and advocating for victim-centered public policy;
-Providing support and assistance to Maine's sexual violence service providers and serving as a liaison between the centers and our statewide and national partners;
-Reducing common myths and misperceptions about sexual violence through building and sustaining public awareness; and
-Providing expert training, statistics, and rescues about sexual violence to organizations, groups, and individuals throughout the state.

-Backbone Zone
The backbone zone project is an innovative approach to bystander intervention, and is about helping people recognize the actions that everyone can take to change the world they live in. Is to help students recognize exit and homophobic language, realizing that it has an impact. Encouraging students to choose different words, and giving them the skills to be active bystanders when they hear sexist and homophobic language: these are steps that each one of us can take to end gender-stereotypes, and to help end sexual violence.

-Maine Network of Children's Advocacy Centers
The Maine Network of Children's Advocacy Centers is a membership organization committed to promoting Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) and supporting existing and emerging centers. The Network promotes the development, growth, and utilization of CACs and multi-disciplinary teams to more effectively respond to Maine's sexually abused children and their families. The Network is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance.
-Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network
The Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network is a central source of information and resources about trafficking awareness and response efforts in Maine. The efforts include training and technical assistance at no cost to local anti-trafficking teams and statewide agencies and organizations; online resources including a regular e-newsletter, summary of Maine and federal anti-trafficking laws, and numerous other resources related to trafficking and exploitation; and supports for direct service providers and law enforcement, such as a statewide victim's support fund, volunteer bank, and other resources.



Climate Reality Project 

Raising awareness of Climate Change and making it a topic that's personal

Who are they: Founded by former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore. The project consists of a "diverse group of passionate individuals who have come together to help solve the greatest challenge of our time. We are cultural leaders, marketers, organizers, scientists, storytellers and more..."

Mission: Fighting climate disruption and creating a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a global shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energies like solar and wind. They are doing this through changing culture one conversation at a time: conversations spark awareness, awareness deepens understanding, and culture shifts.

-Climate 101: educating people of the reality of climate change to separate fact from fiction and move towards solutions.
-Progress Pulse: website tracker that shows the difference one person can make. Documents the actions every supporter takes on the site.

-24 Hours of Reality: a "live, global event covering the climate crisis in every region of the world." All types of people including "world leaders, scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes" come together to discuss the challenges of carbon pollution and how to solve it.
-Climate Reality Leadership Corps: a "global network of activists committed to taking on the climate crisis." The program takes leaders and trains them in "climate science, communications, and...[how] to tell the story of climate change."
-Heat on Denial: A project to expose the truth about the planet, which special interest groups funded by "Big Polluters" have tried to hide.
-I AM PRO SNOW: A group of skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports fans who spread the word about what's happening to the earth, and how winters are getting warmer.
-The Guitar of Reality: This initiative is a "symbol of creative renewal." Created by Jack Johnson and Brushfire Records, they raise awareness about climate change through music.
-The People vs. Carbon: A campaign that seeks to eliminate carbon pollution. It supports efforts by the EPA and putting a price on carbon.
-What I love: This initiative is "an interactive experience that makes climate change personal. It takes the abstract and seemingly distant issue of climate change and makes it relevant to every man, woman, and child."
-#Why?WhyNot?: To ask questions and put pressure on world leaders through their citizens to reduce carbon emissions. Why? Why

Climate change actually refers to a "change in the statistical properties of the climate system when considered over long periods of time, regardless of the cause." Now, however, it has become synonymous with global warming caused by human beings.

Causes of Climate Change: Human expansion of the Greenhouse Effect or the increase in gases that trap heat in the atmosphere from escaping, thereby forcing climate change. Studies have shown that it is 90% likely that human activity in the last 250 years have unnaturally increased temperatures of the earth.

Key gases: 
water vapor
carbon dioxide > excess caused by the burning of fossil fuels
nitrous oxide
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Stronger greenhouse gases will...
-increase overall Earth temperatures
-some regions will become wetter, others dryer
-raise temperature of the ocean
-partially melt glaciers and increase the sea level
-crops may thrive due to increased CO2

Overall impact of climate change:
-vegetation shifts and conservation challenges > puts wildlife at risk
-1/4 of earth's species could be headed for extinction by 2050
-rises in sea level could displace millions of people
-floods, fires and droughts will be more frequent + severe
-storms, hurricanes and tropical storms will become more intense
-higher risk for heat-related illnesses in vulnerable communities
-could cost 5-20% of the annual global gross domestic domestic product


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

pp: site-map

ia: collection

I wanted the collection website to be both personal and meaningful, but organized and informational. As someone who does not share much about myself, people have often told me I need to get out of my shell and express myself more freely.

I've always been a hoarder, ever since I was little. I kept everything, from glass bottles and rocks to drawings my friends made or doodles from middle school. One thing I continue to collect until today is cards and letters.

My website will organize and chart all my letters/cards dating back to grade school. Though I'm not sure as to what the infographs will contain, I do have some ideas: infographs of the people who sent them, what time period it was in, a timeline of all the letters I've received, how many words/letters are in it, an analysis of handwritings and diction, a map of connections/links to other letters, etc.

Here's the first batch of letters (the others are arriving tomorrow afternoon):

Marian Bantjes - Valentines

150 Valentines - Marian Bantjes
the idea of creating a valentine's for each person is endearing to me. maybe I can create something for each person who sent a letter? 

 Martin Venezky - Hot Rod - Process

martin venezky combined scans and writings with photographs for the book, Hot Rod. this interesting combination created a visual language that was rich in content and clean in appearance.

Letters of Note - compiled by Shaun Usher
description of book on their website:
"Letters of note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos."

-paper mache figurines from The Reading Reptile
-walt whitman's poetry
-children's books
-old photographs
-national geographic pictures
-old paint tubes that my mom has
-mom's recipes
-sheet music
-orchestral scores
-textile patterns
-fabric types
-zoa's bone collection
-recordings of people's laughs

pp: web portfolio

Key Words: Experimental, Dimensional, Versatile, Thoughtful, Challenging

I want my portfolio website to appear tactile and definitely unique. As opposed to something extremely simple and graphic, my website will have hints of the aesthetic of collage and specifically Charles Minard's map of Napoleon's campaign; While still being sophisticated and clean, it will also seem like a controlled mass of cluttered data. At any rate, I think this is the best way to articulate what I'm envisioning in my head, but it does sound a bit strange now. 

Here are some examples of what I'm picturing: 

Martin Venezky

His studio's ingenious use of gifs display their aesthetic as well as their aims and goals. It's like a vast collection of small movements that he created. Most importantly, these gifs show, and don't tell, which is what Venezky brings into all his work.
How built: 

Post Typography

This website displays all their work at the same time. It does feel overwhelming at first glance, but once the user hovers over each section and clicks on the arrow, they feel a sense of organization and order. 


This aesthetic is not what I'm going for, but their creation of new web language was particularly engaging: the scrollbar is on the top, where the user can drag it left and right to view more of the projects. 

Sagmeister & Walsh

Right from the homepage, I can tell what kind of designer Sagmeister and Walsh is. The image is a bird's-eye view of their studio, with clickable links on the ground. It's both clever and personal. 

Maya Lin

built with Flash

This website is beautiful. She incorporates both sound and image to display her work. For my Narrative project, I couldn't help but borrow some of her ideas for my Union Station Kiosk. 


Their combination of both analog and digital made the user feel as though someone were there with them, directing them on how to use the website. It's was a nice break from screen-based type.

Parsons Academic Page

Though this is not a portfolio website, I liked how they organized the information. The user can see all the graduate/undergraduate programs in the grid-like structure. Once the user clicks on one of the boxes, the website does not go to a another page, but expands and pushes the other boxes outward.

Monday, February 23, 2015

ia: final news website

  • revisit past compositions and apply the same style (the yellow blocks)
  • the home page seems generic - try taking more risks
  • the timeline is interesting, maybe push this idea

ux: this is how final

This video tutorial goes through the steps of how to tell time. Our chosen audience is children from ages 10-12 years old. After doing some research we realized the importance of the sequence of the information and decided to start with basic language, followed by the understanding of the passing of time, then converting units of time, and lastly the concept of am and pm. Using the body was crucial to our video for children to make physical correlations with the parts of the clock to body movement. This way children can better grasp how to tell time through the use of an analogy. In order to cater to our specific audience we included a combination of stop-motion, additional facts, and live action.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

pp: contact list + reading response

While looking at environmental graphic design firms, I just got really excited. This may be the right field for me...though I'm not sure yet. I guess I'll figure out after I the informational interviews!


Sam Stubblefield
Senior Associate | NBBJ

Michele Boeckholt
Manager of Graphic Design | The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Martin Schwartz
Principal | RSM Design

Kristine Matthews
Director | Studio Matthews

Celine Bouchez
Senior Designer | Graham Hanson Design

Mike Carsten
Senior Designer | Archgrafika

Kelly Furlong
Senior Graphic Designer | POPULOUS

John Baker
Previous Animator | MK12

kidwell also suggested these...
Bethany Joy Foss
Design Consultant | HOK/Studio Tilt

Genia Narinskaya
Graphic Designer | Perkins + Will

Ian Spaeth
Graphic Designer

Taylor Pruitt
Graphic Designer | MindMixer

Amanda Ramirez
Senior Designer | The J Paul Getty Museums

Bob Gnaegy
Principal | TaCito Design, Inc.

Rick Smith
Senior Creative Director | AIGA, SEGD, Dimensional Innovations

Scott Schwieterman
Brand Design | Gensler

Amy Jo Levine
Partner/Design Director | Visual Asylum

Other Environmental Graphic Design Firms:
Poulin + Morris
Anne Gordon Design
Selbert Perkins Design
Dyal and Partners
Axia Creative

How Awkward People can Start Non-Awkward Conversations | Drake Baer

Some tips I took away from this article:

  • "Remember that most people in the room at any given networking event feel the same way you do...scared to death."
  • desensitization therapy: doing something that "scares the crap out of you in small to increasingly larger doses, so that one day it only scares a fart out of you, and one day nary a bowel movement."
  • Networking is not only a way to reap benefits. It is also a way to get to know other people and sincerely make friends.
  • Be Sincere. 
I can pretty much make any conversation awkward just by being there, I avoid social events with strangers like the plague, and I am an overall shy person. I always used to think that introverted people are at a disadvantage when it comes to becoming successful. Whether or not this is the case, I need to get out of my shell and go through "desensitization therapy" and practice. This means attending AIGA events, reaching out to design firms and studios, and having conversations with people I don't know. This article was not particularly enlightening or life-changing, but it does speak to a couple of truths. It was a good reminder that feeling awkward in new social situations is universal, and that sincerity trumps all.

Social Media



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pp: comments

hey saraa, 
looove your marki keep wanting to connect the two A's though
for your artist statement: 
The opening is very provocative and controversial. It draws me into the rest of the bio, however, "puritan" has a religious connotation and may turn off some readers. This may be just me, so maybe ask around about the opening sentence? I noticed that you say "I'm part..." So maybe in the beginning you can start with, "There are three parts that form who I am," and then go into each part. The sentence starting with "Constantly feeling the emotional tug..." is a fragment, so I would revisit it and make it into a full sentence. As I kept reading, the second half of the bio seems more like a list than a complete thought, so I would try to weave those sentences together more fluidly.  
your cover letter: In the beginning, maybe you could be more specific with what stood out to you during the Hallmark studio tour. The more specific you are in this section, the more they'll see how receptive you were to how they work. Also, what does this mean "research from translation to product application"? It's probably because I don't know what translation is, but maybe be more clear here? I would also not put Urban Outfitters in parenthesis, maybe just put a comma. At the end, instead of "thank you for your attention," maybe change "attention" to "time" instead, because it sounds like you just finished a speech or a presentation
Overall, I like how you talk about traveling, which your resume also reflects. I think some unique things about you is your lateral way of thinking. You always seem to think of ideas that are not immediately obvious. Your strength is also collaboration, which you talk about. I think you could speak more about how you work well with others because of how you traveled and got to know different people of different cultures.

very thorough and detailed cover letter!
some suggestions:Maybe begin the letter with how Sam Small suggested this internship to you. It will peak their interest from the beginning. Also, maybe stay away from words like "amazing" and "brave" because it seems like you're flattering them, haha. I would just tone it down a bit in the first paragraph (just my opinion, if you disagree you should just keep it). 
in the next paragraph, i would not list your skills again because you already mentioned it in your resume. I do think talking about Metaphy was smart, I would leave that in. 
instead of directly saying "i'm an exciting person to be around," maybe give an example. Try showing that you're exciting, instead of writing it out. 
overall, good!
for your resume: i would not give equal emphasis to your education, experience, and recognition. The thing employers most want to see is your experience, so maybe make that section the largest. Education can be small, it does not need to take up much space on the page. Also, this may be a typo: Expected 5.2016? Other than that, looks good. 
for design philosophy, instead of saying "To Myles...," maybe say "According to Myles..." Also, don't forget the comma. 
Overall good work!

ia: progress on website

When I looked at my previous designs, I felt like they were missing a step. After talking to some people in class, I realized that I jumped into the content too soon. The home page seemed like a section page, making the user feel confined and restricted. So I went back and designed a new home page that reflected the three-column design (see previous post). It was difficult working backwards, especially because I had to figure out how to get to screens I've already designed. As a result, these designs may seem disconnected from my other designs. I have to go back and fix them to make it all coherent. The photos below are screenshots of a work-in-progress animated sequence for the website. 

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ux: in-class

my target audience

mercedes' target audience


ai: scenarios + 3tasks



  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: College, Graduate School
  • Work Experience: Still entry-level, interning at Health Centers and hospitals in the area
  • Professional background: She majored in psychology and is interested in the health field, mostly because she could not decide on a major. On the side she's interested sports such as basketball and football. Earlier having graduated from Wheaton College, a small liberal arts school nearby Chicago, she is now currently attending graduate school at The University of Illinois at Chicago. 
  • Reason for visiting site: Generally to get updated on the current news in Chicago. She also wants to check scores for the Bulls and Bears, to look for jobs in the area, and to look up entertainment news about celebrities. 
  • Site Competition: She also vists yahoo, facebook, and chicago tribune
  • When/where accessed: Usually when waiting in-between classes, she will visit the Chicago Sun-Times website to pass the time and to get a quick overview of current events.
  • Regularly used devices: Laptop, iPhone, Tablet
  • Regularly used software: Microsoft Office, 
  • Device used for web: Laptop, iPhone
  • Time spent on website: 2 minutes