Tuesday, June 09, 2015

pp: interview with Lance

After showing/explaining my portfolio, resume, and cover letter to Lance, he told me a couple of things relating to presentation and craft. He told me that most of my work was strong, however, he told me to consider pulling out a couple personal works that were not relatable to the company. One example was my Book of References. As Barkley is an advertising agency, some works did not speak to what the agency is looking for, and he told me to pull out/add in works according to the employer. He then said that how I articulated my work was solid, but he also said that my quiet personality can make employers think that I am less capable. He said the most important thing was to stand out amongst the competition. I need to emphasize what makes me unique, and show employers that even though I'm reserved, I know "how to have fun." Overall, I need to improve on my craft, and emphasize what makes me, me.

Friday, May 01, 2015

ux: nelson progress

Final pamphlet (inside):

the Four Season sculptures, drawn in Illustrator:

front of trading cards:

back of trading cards:

pp: moar progress

bus iness card
prototype 2
-used thinner paper, but it's still ripping on the edges
-my information is being cut in half - perhaps it should be on a different panel
-won't close shut all the way, and won't open up all the way, so should be more flexible

thank you card
-envelope still has to be designed
-bought a small hole-puncher to punch out the circles
-on the inside will be a close-up or a detailed shot of one of my portfolio works
-wanted all my collateral to be dimensional + flat

takeaway stuffs
-some dark chocolate almonds...
-is this too random?

-an array of stickers that can go on takeaway stuff and letters
-bought some sticker paper, but the printer won't print it exactly in line!

Monday, April 27, 2015

ux: nelson progress

We finished the "trading cards" for each sculpture. The riddles + story will go on the back and when compiled together, will create a complete story. Each card has basic information on the sculpture as well as a blurb about it. They're talking in first person, to make it seem more relatable to kids. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

pp: progress

prototype 1

can be displayed different ways:

issues with prototype 1:
-the matte board isn't working, have to use thinner paper
-perhaps more interesting type layout
-maybe turning the logo upside down (to match the form)
-too time consuming — need to simplify

type layout 2

ux: progress and regress

Myles and I killing it!
After the user test day, Myles and I realized we had to simplify our idea A LOT. The folding was too complicated and cumbersome, and we needed less flaps. So, we went back to the drawing board and experimented with different ways of folding again. We are still keeping to the story concept, however the story will mostly go into the "trading cards" that they're collecting at each sculpture.

Below is a compilation of the different folds we tried:

Our final two folding ideas:

fold 1
This way of folding simplified the process a lot, and focused on the function. Rather than highlighting the activity, we dedicated most of the space to the map and the symbols. 

fold 2
For this idea, we still kept to our original concept with the accordion fold, however made the die-cut simply a decorative element. Families said the map looked too abstract, so we decided to just have it as a representation. 

Pamphlet Redo in Progress

Map in progress