Mary Lim

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Typography: brainstorming monograms

Three main categories of my personality: "perfectionist," "introvert," "optimist"
I expanded on these three nouns with adjectives
Some adjectives are a bit far-fetched, but still related
Out of all my typefaces, I identified with Gill Sans, Didot and Garamond the most.
Gill Sans: clean, a bit informal yet formal, mimics urban design
Didot Italics: looks formal, precise, sharp contrast between thick and thin
Garamond: bookish, light, wavy

I first made pencil sketches on separate pieces of paper, then finalized the designs here
I tried thinking about the positive and negative space, the overall shape of an M and L and my personality
My favorite is the ML on the second sheet, last row, last column

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