Mary Lim

Friday, September 20, 2013

typography: design quote & 10 sketches

Good design is as little design as possible
                                                                                         Deiter Rams 

A minimalistic German industrial designer, Ram's motto was "Less, but better." He generalized his work into 10 principles of design, one of them being "Good design is as little design as possible." Though the quote implies that one should only slightly tamper with the aesthetic, I think he included two different definitions of "design" in the same quote. The second "design" means the addition of style, color, or theme to an element. On the other hand, the first usage of design, "good design", means filtered design. With the excess stripped away, only the bare elements remain. Designing something as little as possible does not necessarily suggest that one should try to keep the element in its original state; it means that it should be understood, digested, filtered, and polished. To me, "as little design as possible" can mean the most design possible. Though minimalism appears to be simplistic and easy, minimalistic art requires a sharp eye and a good understanding of design. For example, simply moving an object to the right by a few millimeters can mean a world of a difference.


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