Mary Lim

Friday, September 06, 2013

Project1 - Exploring Letterforms - Part 3: Drawing With Anatomy

  • decided to use Bodoni lowercase "w"because I love its angularity and its graphic form.
  • made some sketches, thumbnails for possible designs
    • I wanted it to be simple and clean, just like the character of Bodoni
    • thought of how to use requirements to my advantage (has to be seen from 6ft away, 5 labels...)
  • came up with final design
    • cut-out the shape of the letter on a circle to focus on the "w"
    • used symbols to identify typography vocabulary instead of arrows/string/lines to keep it focused on "w"

  • hard to understand
    • symbols should be the exact same shape and color as it is on the letter
  • should've pushed materials further --> explored more
  • think more about how it can be engaging and informative

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