Mary Lim

Friday, September 20, 2013

typography reading 2

Homework (3 hrs):
read: in Typography, Graphic Design in Context:
Interconnection, pgs 26 – 27
Connotation, pgs 33 – 35
Formal Systems. pgs 39 – 47
Type Size. pgs 232 – 233

Context matters. In the example of a garage sale poster, the type of font and how it is presented should show what type of objects will be sold. In this case, a good garage sale poster is one that accurately conveys its intent. Gonzalez implies that anything is good design, if it serves its purpose. This reminds me of Louis Sullivan's quote, "Form over function." Is Gonzalez suggesting that function is more important than aesthetics?

She goes on to talk cultural systems. People do not like change. Only once the change becomes familiar do people accept it. For example, the Template Gothic font was thought to have been "illegible" and "ugly," however, people began to use it extensively once it was no longer a foreign type. Evidently, type is influenced by current circumstances. I wonder if it could be the other way around: where type influences culture. Perhaps it is a simultaneous event, where both affect each other. One questions whether type simply follows cultural systems or leads it. Today, the most popular font would be Helvetica, which speaks to current society's ideal image.

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