Mary Lim

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Viscom: Packaging Design Final 3

Realistic Photograph
I moved the "52 cards, 83g" to the other side,
and added more text to the bottom of the package

Altered Photograph
Energy/Dynamic/Moving + Simplicity

Simplified Illustration Version
Playful/Joy/Fun + Sophistication/Elegance

Playing on how the Ace suit only has one symbol (spades, clover, heart, diamond) in the middle, I used them to depict two A's in "Playing Cards" while simultaneously showing the full suit perpendicular to the text. When the viewer turns the package to the other side, he/she sees the missing card, a Joker, represented by a court jester's hat. Underneath it says "Come to play," which is Bicycle's slogan. When opening the box, the viewer is further surprised to see the rest of the flap pink, instead of black. 

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