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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Image: Larry!

Research on Larry

Made of matte board with white paper glued on top
I'm thinking about making my french-spread with this method,
but still experimenting with different possibilities with materials

Larry grew up in the south with his parents and his older sister. He doesn't identify himself with the southern lifestyle; he enjoys the city much more. Seemingly mostly concerned with agriculture, Larry chose to go a different route then those of his classmates and wanted to hone his skill in art. Though quiet and shy, his closest friend is outgoing and loud. If someone were to first meet Larry, the other person would have to approach him first. Once someone gets to know Larry, though, he opens up and freely talks to them. In regards to style and art, Larry prefers simplicity over ornate decoration. Two artists he admires are Schulman and Eames. Three words that embody Larry: tall, introverted, & minimalistic.

Possible Creative Narratives:
I want my book to be playful, simple, but still complex in layout to convey who Larry is.
Though this book is limited in showing Larry's whole character, I want it to depict Larry's essence as opposed to making a book that generalizes his personality.

"This is Larry"
(Photo of Larry but prominent features blocked out by black rectangle)

i'm going to do something similar to this photo

"He is...."
(I'm planning on cutting into the matte board to enhance the effect of layering)
i'm going to use this sort of method to
depict traits about Larry (because he's shy, his character
is mostly directed inwards instead of outwards)

no text, only photo

(large photo of only Larry's legs and feet)


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