Mary Lim

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Viscom: progress on model


Experimented with materials to figure out what we would
make the panels out of....
Also tried aluminum cans, but it was hard to keep the material
smooth, there were a lot of inconsistencies

slightly spray painted the aluminum

also tried slightly melting acetate over a candle, but it buckled too fast

we cut the platform out of wood...then elevated a section of it...
and then molded clay to form the hills
we bought some ribbon with green felt 
and cut/paste each one

walkway is made of thinner wood, spray painted with a "stone" color

Sara made trees by cutting sections of branches and attaching
fake foliage + real pine

For the short stone walls, Drew cut out some stone to match
the same width and length

we're also adding lights underneath!
it will glow at night and reflect off
of the panels...

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