Mary Lim

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Final Project [4]: Visual Interview + Photos

I drew my design from three words that encompass Larry: child-like, friendly & minimalistic. Larry also enjoys bold, simple design which explains the bright red, blue and yellow and grayscale photography color scheme. Referencing children's books, the book is constructed out of matte board and paper. It begins with a picture with Larry's face blocked out by a yellow rectangle, titled "Looking for Larry by Mary Lim." As the viewer opens the book to the next spread, it features multiple pictures showing Larry's home. The photographs are taken as if Larry was just there: the faucet is left on, his door is open, the laptop is on, etc. Literally looking for Larry in the photographs, the viewer finally catches him in the last photo. Once the book is opened, the viewer is confronted with a close-up of Larry's eye. Humorous and simple, the book ends with Larry laughing; perhaps at what just happened or at the viewer's shocked response.

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