Mary Lim

Friday, December 06, 2013

Typography: Final Type Specimen

This typeface specimen on Serifa has 6 spreads which includes the history of the typeface, the history of the typographer (Adrian Frutiger), the anatomy of Serifa, and a personal critique of the typeface. The design of the booklet had to utilize the grid format and had to connote characteristics of the specific typeface. Particularly for Serifa, I wanted to show that though it's classified as a slab serif, Serifa still appears surprisingly elegant yet comfortable. I also wanted to show the influence of Univers on Serifa, as Frutiger used the skeleton of Univers for this typeface. Serifa is a mix of opposing classifications of typography: sans serif and slab serif. 

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  1. Looks beautiful Mary! I just wish I had a short paragraph of text to read about the project :(