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Friday, November 29, 2013

viscom: final 2 songs

Edvard Grieg - Holberg Suite for piano, OP. 40: No. 1, Prelude

-no rest throughout the whole song
-main simple melody
-continuous, flowing notes in background
-echoing of notes, repetition of same chords
-song depends on swelling of melody for emphasis
-progressively goes up/down in octave
-simple and short, just piano
-light, cheerful, flowing

words that come to mind: running, fast, clean, simple, classical, playful, cheerful, light, constant, flowing, smooth, acceleration, growing & falling, back and forth, quick, natural, melodic, bright, pulsing, oscillating, echoing, vibrating, throbbing, vibrant, ringing, round, nature, continuous, incessant, cursive, fluent, always pushing, rolling, progressive, successive, shimmering

Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite (In the Hall of the Mountain King)

-pensive, starts quiet then gets builds, and ends in chaos
-sounds sneaky, careful and mischievous in beginning
-excessive use of cymbals at end (adds to chaos)
-gets faster in tempo, ends on an anxious note
-a little melancholic & ominous
-constant beat in background
-a story with 3 parts: careful, agitated, frantic

words that come to mind: quiet, pensive, agitated, anxious, careful, tip-toe, quiet, apprehensive, fearful, jittery, nervous, ominous, uneasy, shocking, surprising, plucking, jerking, piercing, puncturing, prying, restless, uncomfortable, jittery, edgy, panic, tense, rigid, stiff, worked-up, distressed, crashing, loud, hysterical, frantic, chaos

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