Mary Lim

Monday, February 17, 2014

act: final signs

Subtle Racism
Using the connotation of primitivism/crudeness, the signs have a hand-drawn quality that appear rough, yet personalized. The slightly crude look speaks to the cruelty of subtle racism. 

Some do not acknowledge racism and pretend it doesn't exist. While others deliberately ignore it, there are also many who are not aware that they are being racist, simply because ideas of ethnic discrimination are engrained in society. 
Index: This sign works as an index for ignorance. Through using the icon of an eye and hands, it hints at ignorance indirectly, as opposed to a direct image. With the eyes opened and then covered with their hands, it shows the reluctance to accept knowledge.
Though people are prone to stereotyping, and though it is in human nature to categorize, the categorization of people demeans the labeled group into something less human.
Index: This sign works as an index for stereotyping. With the hand dropping a small person into a jar and entrapping them inside, this points to pigeonholing people into certain labels. Taking literal qualities of stereotyping, the person is entrapped in a jar, or label of society.

Impact of the Media
When people of certain races are depicted in certain ways in the media, this causes everyone to simplify what they think of certain ethnic groups. Inevitably, people view others with the influence of media. As a result, peoples' identity is stripped away by these influences.
Index: This sign is an index for showing impact of the media. The fingerprint points to the idea of identity and the humanoid figure a human. With the head misplaced as a television screen, the impact of the media is literally shown.

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  1. mary, you took a pretty big risk in your topic choice, which resulted in complex and abstract concepts you needed to communicate. these three signs consistently utilize sequence to communicate your concepts in a pretty clear way. it certainly takes a while to understand what you are trying to say, but time spent with each image is rewarded with greater understanding of the subtlety of each idea. conceptually they are quite strong and that use of sequence was only used by a couple of other classmates (sara, on her "equal rights" sign, sam on her "brain development" sign). it's an effective strategy.

    the white line on black communicates the seriousness of the issue, and the lack of color calls into question whether these ideas are truly black and white or not. i don't feel like your connotations are obvious enough with a quick look or at small sizes. your earlier connotation sketches are more clear in giving an immediate connotation. your finals are considerably more subtle.

    the applications are nice beginnings, but could use a bit more text support to contextualize their use, or, more simply put, to make the stuff look more real and believable as a designed object out in the world.

    your writing is very good, and you've convinced me that each sign is an index because i can take the combination of iconic clues and figure out the concept you're communicating. thoughtful and well articulated. nice work overall!