Mary Lim

Monday, February 24, 2014

act: modes of persuasion

Terms Defined
Ethos: Convincing the viewer through credibility of the author.
Extrinsic Ethos: When the viewer is convinced through knowing the outside authority/reputation of the author in society based on previous knowledge.
Intrinsic Ethos: When the viewer is convinced through the author's credibility based on solely the text/image as opposed to previous knowledge about the author.
Pathos: Convincing the viewer through an emotional means.
Logos: Convincing the viewer through logic.

Examples of Ethos
education, experience, previous performances, authority, using celebrities and people of status, craft,
how something is rendered, artist' hand, credibility of information...

Examples of Pathos
text/image identify with viewer, descriptions of things that people associate with certain emotions...

Examples of Logos
definitions, the nature of things, features things have, statistics, comparisons/analogies, parallel cases, causes and consequences, testimonials....

Mixture of Egos, Pathos and Logos

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