Mary Lim

Sunday, February 23, 2014

act: vinyl stickers



"How many jars does it take to categorize the human race?"
Anchor + Relay - While the phrase reinforces the image as "categorizing the human race," it also relays that it is impossible to stereotype the entire human race because everyone is different.

"Something Less Human"
Anchor - The text supports the image as it describes how people are treated in an inhumane way when stereotyped.

"Stereotyping: It's jarring"
Anchor - Reinforces the image as stereotyping, playing on the pun "jarring"

"See No Racism"
Relay - The phrase refers to the quote "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"; an idea of dealing with wrongful acts through turning a blind eye. 

"Forced into Stereotype"
Anchor - Explains each frame. 'Forced' emphasizes the hand dragging the figure into the jar, 'into' shows the figure going inside the jar, and 'stereotype' identifies the jar as the stereotype. 


"Everyone does it."
Relay - It indicates that not only one person entraps people into jars, but that stereotyping is universal.



  1. As a street viewer that might be walking down the street and see these messages, I would say that some of them are not clear but only because I don't think the average person would understand the jar concept, I think I'm getting more isolation than subtle racism. The colors though, straight black and white, do reinforce that racism is the issue at hand. On the one that says "forged into stereotype," all I would have to say is that maybe move the text up from behind the hand, I kind of got the word "forcer" at first and not "forced." Which could be problematic if people are walking by and only get a quick glance.

    As a graphic designer I am getting connotations of racism but not fully formed yet. I think that when the word stereotype is thrown into the message it really helps get your point across, and I would say that if I was a street viewer as well. The word stereotype has a lot of meaning behind it and I think combined with the imagery it really helps get the point across. As is stated before, the colors black and white really help as well. I enjoy the variation of type because it works for each. The all lowercase or even the more thin type gets the point of subtle across. While the bold type that you have selected helps reinforce the problem and sends a strong message.

    I think the second set of symbols could go back and forth between anchorage and relay, mostly because the word stereotyping is in there, but other than that I'd say the labels you have for each sticker are justified and correct.

  2. So I'll just start with the things that apply to all of the stickers you have here -
    The overall connotation for most of these is serious and maybe a bit anxious. This is due to your color palette and rendering of the person and works with your subject matter. The strong contrast between black and white lends itself to the extreme nature of racism.

    "how many jars does it take to categorize the human race?"
    I definitely read this as a nod to ending racism. It seems sarcastic, which I think works to get the viewer's attention. The arrows show that racism is a cycle.
    I think your statement that it's both anchorage and relay is good - I think it might be more anchorage than relay, but I see what your saying about it relaying a secondary meaning.

    "something less human"
    I read this as saying that racism is demeaning, making both the victim and the perpetrator less human.
    I think this is anchorage as well.

    "racism: it's jarring"
    The meaning is pretty clear on this one. Racism is literally jarring.
    The connotation is serious but more comic because of the words. I like the comedy of it, but I'm not sure if it works with the subject matter? I could see this as a poster.
    This is definitely anchorage.

    "see no racism"
    For meaning I get exactly what you explained - a play on see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. I think this is really strong.
    I'd say this one is anchorage, not relay. It's immediately apparent that this says "see no racism."

    "forced into stereotype"
    The meaning is clear that the person is being "forced" into the jar. The hand throwing the person in there helps with that.
    The relationship is anchorage because the text reinforces what is already there.

    "everyone does it"
    The meaning I get from this is that everyone gets stereotyped but also everyone stereotypes, and the relationship is relay.