Mary Lim

Sunday, February 09, 2014

type: inspiration

This video features Marian Bantjes. I was particularly inspired by her work because of her ability to make art that pertains not only to the fine arts but also to the commercial aspect of graphic design. The quote I chose for the typographic motion project directly relates to this video: both address the artists' personal desire to create beautiful things. Though I myself would not make the types of things she does, I do appreciate her talent in making people think.

(Bantjes talks about this in the video) This work especially spoke to me because of its simplicity yet complexity. Each unit that makes up this composition is an illustrated, abstract letter. When put together in differing combinations, it creates these patterns. Though in actuality these units are simply letters, when assembled in a particular way, it creates something complex. 

For the type motion project, I'm thinking of doing something similar using these letterforms...
Maybe I'll design each letter in my quote and make it to come together into something comprehensive...

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