Mary Lim

Monday, February 17, 2014

MSU collaboration

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. That's my intent."


  1. Are the timing and transition choices appropriate for the message?
    The timing for the 'I' introduction is very gradual which keeps in engaging as it is revealed. I believe changing from a black background to a white background in your storyboard is also a great idea and should be just as gradual.

    Is the approach to composition and use of space engaging and unique?
    This use of space is primarily centralized. The incoming lines that start of the motion test attempt to include the surrounding space, but maybe push to bring the other space into the compositions more? Maybe off center the words to move the focus on the screen.

    Is there a hierarchy and clarity of message (readability/legibility)?
    The 'I' is bold, and demands attention from the audience, which is successful! From the looks of your storyboard, the way in which you plan to reveal the other text looks very promising too.

    Are the color choices relevant and appropriate for the message?
    The use of a black and white color scheme is definitely appropriate since it is incorporating such designs that become skewed or turn into something else. I would attempt to try some color to make the abstract designs pop more when transitioning as an experiment. But, I do indeed enjoy the simplicity.

    Are the typeface choices appropriate for the intended audience and message? If not suggestions?
    The typeface does seem to go along with the general idea of being incorporated into the illustrative designs. Good choice!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Do you think you could send me a link to your school blog? I can only find your personal blog