Mary Lim

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

act: amber's infographic

I first notice the infographic as an image, not as interpreted information. The red pops from the dark teal and the white tells the viewer where to focus on. The circle stands out the most, with its repeating rings and racetrack imagery. On closer inspection, the statistics on the circle are hard to connect together. The topics, how much of a percentage it declined over the year, and the year are too spread out that make the viewer struggle to put the three together. The lines from the topics (Project Gemini, Moon sample, etc...) do little and instead retract from clarity. The same goes for the years.

Then I realize that the information is a bit confusing. Are the statistics in the circle representing the achievements or how much of the budget it took up? Why is it depicted in a circle, and what does it have to do with the information? According to what I see, it says that Project Gemini took up 4.31% of the budget in 1965. I keep reverting back to the title: "Decline of Nasa Budget & Achievements." Is the circle depicting the achievements of NASA? If so, what do the numbers imply? The viewer needs some clarity and cohesion.

The graph on the left, however, is clear and I understand what it means. The federal government clearly favors military advancement with 58.42% of the budget going to the military. The bars allow me to see the comparisons between what the government prioritizes and what it neglects. It is surprising to see the difference between the budget going to the military and to NASA, from almost 60% to 4%.

Overall, due to the size of the shapes, the circle implies a greater importance, and the graph on the left is put to the side. However, I feel as though the decline of the NASA budget should be your focus. The two images also look very separate, and some integration would be beneficial to the infographic. It is aesthetically nice, but it needs hierarchy and integration of data.


  1. Your work is really progressing well Mary! It's great to see you pushing the boundaries of visual language and trying things - it makes your work really intriguing and inspiring! Looks like you're having a blast :)

    1. That means a lot coming from you, thank you!