Mary Lim

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

act: data visualization final

The Great Disparity: Racial InequalityFar from King's Dream
I really enjoyed this project, especially because I like gathering information then sorting it out. Some things that are successful are the visualization's emphasis on the gap between the races and its inclusion of layers of statistics. However, I could have integrated the information more to show relationships between income, marriage, poverty, and home ownership. Though the information is tied together with the same x-axis, they still appear separate and fragmented.

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  1. First off, I believe this project is right up your ally. You seem attracted to taking information and architecting it in a visually interesting manner. The design is beautiful displayed and thoughtful. However, as a first time viewer I find the graphic to be a bit overwhelming in terms of information. It does determine on your audience whether the information is too much or not. If this was presented to someone researching racial inequality then the graphic isn't too contextually overwhelming. If presented to the common public, then the content might not be digested as easily.
    You discussed in your blog blurb about better integrating the information, but I believe you integrated it very nicely. I especially enjoy the annual income for each ethnicity bar, it's very clear and cohesive. If the four topics you stated were integrated more, it would be tricky to make the design clear to the viewer.
    Aesthetically speaking:
    -I enjoy how you juxtaposed the letters in the title, very clever.
    -The source on the bottom got cut off a bit.
    -I'm unsure about the title "far from king's dream." It's clever but it took me a minute to understand the relevance (ha).
    In terms of my first response at looking at the design, I was initially a bit overstimulated by the bars and colors of the graph. Then I looked at the numbers and details and was pretty fascinated by it. Then I skimmed the paragraphs up top. Then I was really into the juxtaposed title. Then I was confused about the king title for a minute (again, ha). Then I appreciated the thought that went into the design. It overall successfully meets the assignment requirements and persuades the viewer to be aware of the disparity of racial inequality that is still prevalent today.
    P.S. Were there no records of asian income before 1986? Or for some of the other facts such as marriage rate? As a viewer, I want to see the facts for each race in the legend within each column.