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Saturday, March 29, 2014

act: logos

Significance of Logos

While pathos may seem like a more direct and powerful way to persuade the viewer/audience, playing on a person's emotions only goes so far. Pathos is at times too quickly absorbed and understood, and can ironically seem superficial and forced. Since it's foundation is emotionality, it has no firm grounds and does not have as much ethos, or credibility, as logos does. For example, take a person speaking in front of a crowd about saving the environment. The person may include examples about animals struggling to survive due to man-made waste, however, adding statistics and facts about how ecosystems are interconnected and the impact of pollution answers the "so what" factor.

When comparing the two, pathos asks the viewer to react and logos calls the viewer to think. As people respond to images differently according to their personal backgrounds and personalities, emotionality and logic appeals to certain types of people. Some may believe the artist of an image is trying too hard by playing the pity card and may dismiss the image, others may think that it makes the information relatable. In some ways, visualizing data bridges this gap of the incomprehensibility of information through relative size and color variations.

Both pathos and logos have to be used correctly: pathos used in the wrong way can trigger feelings of insincerity and shallowness while logos used in the wrong way can seem incomprehensible. For pathos to have its strongest impact, the viewer should not see the author's clear attempt to manipulate the viewer. Logos is most effective when clear and direct.

Still, pathos, logos, and ethos in combination and individually are all needed.

metaphor: baldness in human beings and cats
Rhetoric: 8 different tropes

parody: stonehenge made to look like ancient legos

parody: vincent van gogh's portrait made clear with glasses

hyperbole: visualizes what it feels like to eat wasabi

  personification: shoe made to look like mouth

personification: asparagus made to look like human legs

Biking Narrative

seventy-five degrees

kassidy's bike's back wheel was flat, so i asked for an air pump, but mercedes
had already arrived and was waiting for me at the front. our cheeks were pink
because it was getting warmer

we felt a bit awkward biking at first because we haven't biked in a while

the hill was dangerously steep, and the speed of the clicking gears accelerated

the bike seats were too high for us

cars swooshed by and we felt every muscle propelling the bike forward

the pool blocked the sidewalk

mercedes asked me if i wanted to go to jimmy johns. i said yes because i was hungry

i had a rock to hold the door open, and had to pull in the bike backwards,
then twist it to fit into the door, and finally squish it back into the basement

how did i used to walk everywhere before? walking's so slow

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