Mary Lim

Friday, March 28, 2014

t2: 3 iterations of the final

1. 2.



Poster 1: first one with large DS looks a bit cliche, it's been done before
-the two letters are too heavy and the image in the middle is centered and boring!
-but the dimensionality of the letters is interesting and engages the viewer
-treatment of the smaller block of text needs attention - break it up and add hierarchy

2: the foreground/background dynamic is interesting, however, the treatment of type is conventional and is not pushed enough

3: interesting image, but the poster needs some cleaning up
-explore with composition and hierarchy
-white text looks best
-when the letters are above the cards, should be in all caps 
-need better, more innovative way to incorporate vanderslice
-the flower shapes look excess decoration
-the way the text interacts with the O in "Deborah" looks interesting - do more of that
-should i get rid of the marks in the cards and remake them? 

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