Mary Lim

Thursday, March 06, 2014

v2: self assessment

Generally, this semester I've still been struggling to articulate my thoughts better when presenting my work and in trying to be more intentional with my process. I need to work on being more conceptual, in terms of having a reason for everything I design, and breaking conventions that I always turn back to. 

For specifically the work I've been producing, my train poster and timeline poster have not succeeded in seamlessly convincing the viewer of my objective, however, I do feel as though I learned the importance of integrating type and the importance of being considerate of the viewer for clarity.

As I tend to think abstractly and ambiguously, I'm still learning how to mediate my own style with my "client's" desires. My ambition for design is to create images people have never seen or imagined before that invoke wonder and a new perspective to look at flat surfaces. 

Overall, things I did well this semester: diverse idea generation and brainstorming and craft. 
Things I can work on: presenting my work, clarity for the understanding of the viewer, and being more intentional while thinking laterally. 

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