Mary Lim

Friday, April 18, 2014

t2: mies magazine

i'm struggling a bit with figuring out how to depict Mies' work/personality and the specific content of the article through the spread layout and design. 

Things I want to take into consideration: 
-Mies accentuates essential qualities of buildings
-the article is about how Mies' image was created and its implications (usually seen with stern face and smoking a cigar)
-how to break conventional layouts
-i want the design to be very structural and raw, down to its essential qualities
-maybe i could incorporate the grid, though still trying to figure out how 
-how to incorporate color

the obsessive repetition and newspaper-cut-out aesthetic seems crude and rugged, which is what i'm going for - should i keep going in this direction, or should i try something else?

other possibilities:
-exposing the grid and all the lines
-a more refined approach with ample white space

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