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Monday, May 05, 2014

act: Final Communication Model

Final Model

The main focus for our model was the alteration of the idea. It starts with intent, where the idea grows into a completed thought, and then is filtered through the brain. As it goes through this process, thoughts get left behind that cannot crossover. Some examples of this would be how they came up with the idea, the person's background and personality that helped form the idea, etc. As the idea narrows down into something that can be transmitted to another person, be it through Facebook or in a poster, the receiver sees the idea and makes a first impression. Noise effects the message once its out into the world. Effected by the receiver's own background and context, the message gets altered once more and ends with the receiver's concluded thought about what the sender was trying to convey.

-not as dimensional, try to show its structure
-be more clear with the labels
-perhaps not a motion graphic, but an actual kinetic model with things falling into it like an hourglass?

Practical Example of our Model in Action

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