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Thursday, August 28, 2014

hcd: mood board

As a guitarist and composer, Earl Klugh performs a mixture of genres that create one style unique to himself. Undertones of jazz, pop, rhythm, and blues pervade Klugh’s compositions with a general ambience of smooth jazz. Still, Klugh describes himself as a guitar virtuoso who moves from genre to genre. Heavily influenced by Chet Atkins, known for playing country, and Wes Montgomery, Klugh harkens back to their styles and also weaves in a harmonic and rhythmic approach. Smooth, relaxing, and mellow are some words that describe the overall atmosphere he invokes.

-be careful not to default back to cliches of blues music
-focus on the unique qualities of Klugh. what makes him stand out among the rest?
-it's not really clear here what image you're going for

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