Mary Lim

Friday, September 05, 2014

hcd: 20+ poster iterations for klugh

words: summery, organic, impromptu, fluid, easygoing, effortless, sentimental, fusion

left to right
  1. analog cardboard rectangles with "earl" on them with "klugh" made with twine all in the grass (guitar pick, bass bow, and drum sticks --> all which make up the earl klugh trio)
  2. watercolor purple leaves overlapping each other, offset with white shapes that make up a guitar
  3. wood grains that make up shapes of a guitar, upright bass, and drums
  4. birds-eye view of earl klugh sitting, making shape of guitar

  1. abstract depictions of each instrument overlapping each other. three different levels of vision (front, middle, background)
  2. supposed to look like cold, blue buildings overlapping, with earl klugh behind them all in a warm atmosphere
  3. silhouette of earl klugh in neon colors
  4. letters "earl klugh" floating in the blue water

  1. simplified shapes representing each instrument
  2. figure-ground letters of "earl klugh" made to look like a city at night
  3. earl klugh written in paint, with watercolor blobs of paint in background
  4. letters on a table, with "earl klugh trio" lifting off of the ground

  1. the faces of each band player over the letters "trio"
  2. three overlapping planes representing each band player
  3. a guitar coming out of the f-hole of the upright bass, with drum close-up in background
  4. one line making up the silhouettes of the three players


  1. I am a huge fan for the "trio" sketch with the 3 heads. I think the serif lower case type works and the linear, simplistic forms of the heads is very fitting to their, in my opinion, "smooth" and "classic" style.

    I was also very drawn to the watercolor purple leaves overlapping each other. I wasn't necessarily drawn to the colors but the major shapes of the guitar. I think that is an idea that can be refined and turned into a finish product.

    Your exploration in the simplified shapes representing each instrument sketch is my favorite out of them all. However, I don't see it working as a whole poster, but rather an element that could be combined with another idea. Maybe combining it with one line making up the silhouettes of the three players?

    The single line making up the silhouettes of the three players is a fantastic exploration, but as I said before, it needs just a little bit more to make me envision a finished piece.

    Overall, the sketches were very thoughtful and different. Maybe a deeper color exploration and/or textures will help you solve what illustrations you decide to go with.

  2. I agree with Cory. you have some very strong ideas but some of the strongest ones just need to be pushed just a little bit farther.

    i think your designs are eye catching and would work well for posters, especially for people walking by.

    your color choice will be very important. your keywords can help you with those decisions. i wish you had your mood board on your blog for reference.

    overall I feel like you have strong ideas nut just as i stated earlier they could be pushed just a bit farther.

  3. I see you have two crits already… well, I should write faster, but you still get a third one:

    I'm really enjoying the top right thumbnail. It feels like a jazz/ blues album cover. Fans would be attracted to it. It also has just about the right proportions of energetic blue to calm red and black. Focusing back and forth between the city and the name is a lot of fun too. I'm a little afraid that if someone sees the skyline first though, they might dismiss it as nothing deeper and not remember it.

    The tree rings and corners of instrument combo is clever, but the instruments are definitely getting lost. It's also starting to look more folky (I guess that's just easy to do with the concept "trio").

    The top left's biggest issue is the guitar pic getting lost among the grass and bigger objects. Maybe a close up of the guitar pick with other elements shown behind it would work, It would also diminish the "crafty" feel because "crafty" things are rarely shot from a low angle.

    The watercolor leafs with white guitar silhouette is very attractive to me, and I think to him as well. Just needs some color tweaking to make it more masculine. More orange or green added in.

    I really enjoy the simplified instruments. Unfortunately, I think it's one of those designer things, like an inside joke. It speaks more to us than to Jazz fans.

    The silhouette combo of all three members is pretty cool to designers and Jazz fans though. I am unsure if I actually see three people though. Is it based off photos of all of them? Maybe it doesn't matter if they're recognizable. That sort of speaks to the improv and layering.

    That's all I have for you. I swear I spell checked this.