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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

hcd: feedback


Nicholette, Illustration Major

The first impression I got was that it was a cool (literally and color speaking) poster for a band.  The surrounding shapes and the abstraction of those shapes led me to believe that it was certainly jazz related.  The color palette also is something I, personally, relate to the genre of jazz.  The poster emits a very relaxing feeling.  The surrounding instruments surround the text in a very snug way, creating a cozy environment you might experience in a jazz club.  The design and amenities you used all seem very appropriate to me.  The typography is unitedly very easy to read and plays upon the different colors behind it surprisingly well.  It doesn't feel chaotic, even though with that many shapes floating around it would be expected to be.  I LOVE the use of the guitar neck in the O and your usage of negative space.  Some of the silouhettes almost feel like outlines of people to me which might not have even been intended but is a cool addition that breaks up the repetition of instruments and brings some added personality in  It is also pretty nice that the viewer can interpret the shapes on their own and is invited into the poster in that way.  I can't find anything troublesome about it.  If I wanted to be nit picky, which I will apparently have to be because everything is pretty well executed, the 1/16 text for the date could be a bit confusing.  I read it as January 16th, a Friday. But there could be miscommunication as to whether the 16 is 2016 or if the 1 is an abbreviation for what month it is or what day it is.    The bottom of the E in "Earl" is also riding really closely on that blue shape coming off the left.  It is still legible, but could be seen as "Farl" if not looked at closely. 
Debbie, Reading Reptile Store Owner
It looks too busy. I think you should find that balance between the text and the instruments. I'm not really sure how it makes me feel, but his music seems...I don't know...I can definitely see the movement though. The negative space in the back looks like a person dancing. Maybe think about how you could utilize the negative space? The white TRIO in the last design [the one with inverted colors] sticks out a lot. Think about hierarchy and what you want the person to read first. 
Blue, age 10
I don't know, it looks nice. Looks cool. Looks kind of soft, like a nice-sounding band. I don't like the poster with dark red and brown. But I like the ones that have more shapes. 
Marlis, Book Store Manager, likes mellow jazz music
I like it. It seems like Earl Klugh has mellow music. I like the instruments kind of overlapping each other, where you discover little pieces and recognize what it is after looking at it for awhile. From your poster, his music looks kind of like my character, sort of a mellow-sounding band. I like your last design [the one with inverted colors]. It looks more striking than the first one [the design with 3 overlapping instrument shapes]. I'm noticing the negative shapes in the background, but I don't know if that's a good thing. 
Scarlett, painting major
I can see abstract instruments. It looks really chaotic, I don't want to look at it for a long time. It makes me feel claustrophobic. Looks like kind of funky jazz. I think the informational stuff like "Friday 1/16" shouldn't be broken up and should be really clear.   

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