Mary Lim

Friday, September 12, 2014

hcd: final 3 of klugh

emphasizing the sentimentality in Klugh's music with the blue/purple hues and black shapes
critique: looks like they could start moving, need to bump up the colors because looks muddy

emphasizing the tightness/rhythm of Klugh's music
critique: looks a bit claustrophobic in the middle space, appears as though the shapes are closing in on the text. perhaps giving some breathing room for the text...overlapping the shapes with the text looks intriguing, but needs to remain legible. "friday, jan.16" text looks slapped on --> maybe the shapes could close-in on this information too

emphasizing the three layered sounds of Klugh's music (acoustic guitar, upright bass, and drums)
critique: the style of this poster does not seem to reflect Klugh's music. maybe use brighter colors and different typeface. 

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