Mary Lim

Monday, September 22, 2014

narrative: sound test

song - "Young Girls Fangs" - Fleeting Joys

this is the title sequence
after this scene, the lines make the shapes of the letters using figure ground at a different angle


  1. mary!
    the direction you are headed in is really intriguing. the sound seems like an accurate fit for the style. something that might be a beneficial exploration would be adding a little texture to the white bars. or a fade into the solid color. they seem a bit rigid but that might also fit into the rest of your video, i'm not sure though. i am excited to see what the final outcome is.

  2. Hey Mary!!

    Just creeping on your vid.
    From what I see you are taking a really abstract view of her poems which shall be interesting to see how you progress. I wonder if you may be doing literal sounds and making motion from that, what if you had a mixture of beautiful music and then when your video "glitches" (taking from your tests) it would have the sound glitch to static/white noise. Keep working it!


  3. I like the sound you have chosen so far, It will make your video really interesting. Maybe incorporate the sound by fading in at the beginning.