Mary Lim

Saturday, September 27, 2014

type3: final

As Gertrude Stein oscillates back and forth from obscurity to clarity, this book visually translates her writing style through using a Gestalt Principle, ambiguous figure-ground. As the eye switches from negative to positive space, this fluctuating relationship is enhanced with Stein's impulsive and unstable writings. I was inspired by Josef Albers' optical artwork, where he tricks the eye into seeing multiple grounds using simple colors and shapes. In regards to the composition of the typography, it mimics the feeling of stream of consciousness writings which keep moving forward and is always in the present. Key words I based my design on are: unstable, continuous present, and unexpected. 

unstable: the figure-ground relationship with negative and positive space
continuous present: the type is placed in relation to each other, read from up, down then shifted right; it is always progressing to the next phrase
unexpected: the page numbers and the titles of each poem are wedged in between the pages

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