Mary Lim

Friday, October 31, 2014

bruce willen workshop!

During the workshop, Bruce talked about how to design typography. Going through a brief history of type and where it originated, he showed us examples of how type has transformed over time. Especially after the digital age, Type seemed to become more and more abstract and reductive, losing its decorative qualities and flourishes. Still, since type heavily functions as a tool for transferring information, there are always subtleties in the typography to increase legibility. At times, the "system" has to be compromised in order to allow for these anomalies. For example, in the lowercase 'a' in Futura, the counter is not a perfect circle. To prevent the weights of the letter looking too heavy in certain areas, some strokes are thinned out. After the short lecture, everyone designed their own typefaces with strict criteria. We could only use 1x1 squares, 1x2 rectangles, and a quarter circle in order to make the shapes. They could not be altered, and they could not change in size. In the end, I came up with this typeface. The most important aspect for me, for this typeface, was to have the rhythm of vertical bars next to each other. Harkening back to black-lettering and calligraphy, I wanted this typeface to have the same qualities. 

What should I call it? Maybe Modern Gothic
(Someone said that some of the letters look like their wearing that moment my typeface was ruined for me, haha)

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