Mary Lim

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

hcd: klugh promos


  1. Hello Hello Hello,
    I really like your second from the top billboard sketch. It is straight to the point and people driving past it will get it.
    Your iterations for your pamphlet are very good and full of interesting concepts, but the one I like best is the third one; very simple and the design is very eye catching.
    The next step of doing these digitally will help a lot also, good job Mary!!!

  2. Thanks for critiquing mine! I'd be interested in seeing what the last two pamphlet designs look like digitally - I think something simple like a guitar coming together from other instruments of other colors, just on a black background could be really striking. And the separation of the second from the last is really nice and airy - I would also like to see that digitally.

    The second to last billboard maybe isn't the most visually striking - compared to some of the more abstract ones) but I think this is the best one that does its job, while also looks good. Having large parts of type covered up may be problematic for a billboard.

    The first spread of the first story board is awesome, I would love to see you do this in After Effects, I also really like the bent rectangles, if that makes sense, If those move around and transform it could be really nice!