Mary Lim

Friday, October 10, 2014

narrative: overall process

where all the stop-motion happened. set up a lamp and another
clamp light to the right and turned off the room lights in order
to enhance the color and make the frames look more warm.
i cut up black strips to make these letters, as well as cut holes
into the thick white paper for the black strips to go weave into
here you can see the strips weaved into the cut-outs in the
thick white paper.
for a specific motion sequence in my "A Table" video, here
you can see one of the frames where you can see two
different phrases simply by shifting the perspective.
all the cut-up circles that were glued unto thicker white paper
these are from my "A Centre In A Table" video
also printed out transparencies to overlap with the text from
a previous frame.
had to cut up the black strips into sections in order to make it
seem like the strips were growing
also cut out this placeholder for text for my "A Table" video

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