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Saturday, November 22, 2014

meggs' history of gd

read a really awesome quote from Megg's A History of Graphic Design (1992, xiv):

Just as voices call for a restoration of humanity's unity with the natural environment, there is a growing awareness of the need to restore human and aesthetic values to the man-made environment and mass communications. The design arts - architecture, product, fashion, interior, and graphic design - offer one means for this restoration. Once more a society's shelter, artifacts, and communications might bind a people together. The endangered aesthetic and spiritual values might be restored. A wholeness of need and spirit, reunited through the process of design, can contribute in great measure to the quality and raison d'etre of life in urban societies. If we ignore the legacy [that if we understand the past, we will be better able to continue a culture legacy of beautiful form and effective communication] we run the risk of becoming buried in a mindless morass of a commercialism whose molelike vision ignores human values and needs as it burrows forward into darkness.
This expresses exactly what I've been trying to articulate. I got really excited when I read this and wanted to post it right away!

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