Mary Lim

Thursday, November 13, 2014

narrative: progress

During the week, we worked on our script, recorded, and went to Union Station to film the architecture and take context photos.

Things we took into consideration for the script:
-Speaking in an active tone
-Making the viewer an active participant as opposed to a passive one
-Keeping out concept of "catching a glimpse" throughout
-using the audio to spark curiosity about Union Station

Union Station stands as a proud monument of Kansas City, both as a place of departure and convergence. Catch a glimpse behind the history of this iconic building by joining us on the second level to view the station in it’s entirety.  
When you tap on the screen to begin, the icons will indicate four different options to choose from. Tapping this icon will reveal two ways to experience the history: A sequential timeline view or a categorical view. After selecting timeline, vertical lines signifying moments in time fall into place. These fragments come together in chronological order to reveal the 100 years of history behind Union Station. 
Delve deeper into a moment with architect Jarvis Hunt. Diverge from the timeline to view the history in an alternate structure. Once you select category, choose from the five options to view the information. 
Select and shift the images for a clearer view. You can also enlarge the photo to learn more about the architecture. Key phrases within the paragraph will reveal corresponding photos. 
A glimpse in the past can affirm the longstanding integrity of the present. As the history of Union Station reveals, it has withheld the test of time and will continue to in the future. 

Listen to the audio here:

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