Mary Lim

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Junior Review - Reflection

After presenting for my junior review in front of Kidwell, Kelly, Emmy, Allyson, Trent, and Edwing, I realized a couple of things I could have done differently. As a quiet person, I need to improve on my communication skills and get more comfortable with public speaking. First, I should have prepared and practiced more so that my nervousness would not inhibit the presentation. They also told me to speak more clearly and loudly. In terms of my body of work, here are a couple of suggestions and feedback from the teachers and TA's:

-have a wide-range of aesthetic, keep pushing yourself
-perhaps explore more in motion graphics; it seems like one of my strengths
-speak up in class! participate more and offer my insight
-communicate, be more open with process with classmates and teachers
-the Gertrude Stein videos seemed like one of the stronger works

This first semester of Junior year, I was surprised at how much people liked my mistakes more than my intentional work. Due to my controlling and inflexible nature, everything I do is consciously done. At times, this restrains my work and prevents me from reaching my full potential. One example of this is how well my Gertrude Stein videos were received. I truly thought that these videos were terrible and could only see its errors. I realized that my standards were skewed and that I prioritized perfection instead of context. In the future, I want to have an open and learning mind and come to class with the intention of experimenting and gaining knowledge.

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