Mary Lim

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

pp: goals

Career goals
Right now, I have an interest in environmental graphic design. Ideally, I would want to work in a field that connects both graphic design and architecture/sculpture, but I am also open to motion graphics. I'm not exactly sure what job type would work best for me, but currently I have a passion for creating environments. Just thinking about what Deborah Sussman does seems exciting and intriguing to me. I also would like to work with non-profit organizations like the Rabbit Hole Museum.

Short term:
  • continue interning at the Reading Reptile on the side - staying involved, keeping contact until the museum is established (10 yrs)
  • explore at least 3 different design firms with different studio styles & job types
    • specifically interning at populous 
  • have a job by the time I graduate
  • study abroad somewhere over break
  • no more all-nighters, manage my time better!
Long term:
  • Though this dream does not feel tangible now, my family has been thinking about opening a business. 
  • 25 yrs old
    • graduate school for Environmental Graphic Design, maybe??
    • part-time job somewhere...
  • 30 yrs old
    • solid position with a salary: maybe be a creative director
    • living in a different city
Job postings:

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