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Sunday, February 08, 2015

ai: digitized wfs + reading response

by Jason Santa Maria

  • the @font-face CSS allows designers to link to any font file and use them for web
    • brought up concerns on piracy
  • Brave New World
    • new challenges from being able to drop any text on the web
      • problems with typefaces never meant for the screen
      • problems with web type
        • page sizes vary
  • Context and meaning
    • web designers need a deeper understanding of typography
    • Georgia, Verdana and Arial are typically known as "web" typefaces
    • do not have as much control for type on web than on print
  • Picky, picky
    • art of typography is choosing the right typeface that will fit the context
    • reading is a personal and relative act
    • now we only use simple serif and sans serif, not blackletter
    • much of type comes down to contrast and form
      • details of type from lines, stroke weights
  • The Dead Drop Guide to Choosing and Pairing Typefaces
    • focus should be legibility
    • contrast
      • when choosing pairing typefaces, it's important to tell there are distinct typefaces used/complement each other
    • basics of body text
      • body copy should work on smaller sizes, with a healthy contrast between characters
      • typeface should have some personality, but not distracting
    • read me
      • high x-heights and strong character body keeps texts legible
        • ex. verdana and georgia
    • what's the message?
      • use typefaces that match its message
    • one sans, one serif
      • easiest ways of creating a balance and contrast
      • typefaces from same designer sometimes works well together to
        • ex. Eric Gill's Perpetua and Gill Sans
      • don't combine more than one display or script typeface
      • use typefaces designed on similar principles
        • ex. futura and bodoni (both use geometric forms)
      • two divergent typefaces work too
        • ex. baskerville and futura
    • explore different styles
      • choose a typeface with many weights
    • to the library!
      • many typefaces are associated with a time period
        • ex. Trajan = romantic, epic, thriller
        • ex. Blackletter = scary, dark
    • money, honey
      • nice typefaces will cost money
      • the free ones do not work at smaller sizes and kerning is off
    • trust your gut
      • these are only guidelines, not laws
by Marty Maxwell Lane
  • print and web typography are different - have different issues/concerns
  • web typography does not work according to the rules of print
  • typography as interface
    • same principles apply to the web
    • online typographic hierarchy operates as interface - letting your audience where they are and where they can go
      • use limited range of typefaces and styles
  • does it make your eyes hurt?
    • brightened screens are harder to read
    • improve legibility, more generous leading
    • reduce contrast levels and choose appropriate typeface
    • try shifts in tonality, working with shades of gray
  • finding beauty within limitations
    • web-sage typeface options are limited

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