Mary Lim

Monday, February 16, 2015

ai: scenarios + 3tasks



  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: College, Graduate School
  • Work Experience: Still entry-level, interning at Health Centers and hospitals in the area
  • Professional background: She majored in psychology and is interested in the health field, mostly because she could not decide on a major. On the side she's interested sports such as basketball and football. Earlier having graduated from Wheaton College, a small liberal arts school nearby Chicago, she is now currently attending graduate school at The University of Illinois at Chicago. 
  • Reason for visiting site: Generally to get updated on the current news in Chicago. She also wants to check scores for the Bulls and Bears, to look for jobs in the area, and to look up entertainment news about celebrities. 
  • Site Competition: She also vists yahoo, facebook, and chicago tribune
  • When/where accessed: Usually when waiting in-between classes, she will visit the Chicago Sun-Times website to pass the time and to get a quick overview of current events.
  • Regularly used devices: Laptop, iPhone, Tablet
  • Regularly used software: Microsoft Office, 
  • Device used for web: Laptop, iPhone
  • Time spent on website: 2 minutes

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