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Thursday, February 19, 2015

pp: contact list + reading response

While looking at environmental graphic design firms, I just got really excited. This may be the right field for me...though I'm not sure yet. I guess I'll figure out after I the informational interviews!


Sam Stubblefield
Senior Associate | NBBJ

Michele Boeckholt
Manager of Graphic Design | The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Martin Schwartz
Principal | RSM Design

Kristine Matthews
Director | Studio Matthews

Celine Bouchez
Senior Designer | Graham Hanson Design

Mike Carsten
Senior Designer | Archgrafika

Kelly Furlong
Senior Graphic Designer | POPULOUS

John Baker
Previous Animator | MK12

kidwell also suggested these...
Bethany Joy Foss
Design Consultant | HOK/Studio Tilt

Genia Narinskaya
Graphic Designer | Perkins + Will

Ian Spaeth
Graphic Designer

Taylor Pruitt
Graphic Designer | MindMixer

Amanda Ramirez
Senior Designer | The J Paul Getty Museums

Bob Gnaegy
Principal | TaCito Design, Inc.

Rick Smith
Senior Creative Director | AIGA, SEGD, Dimensional Innovations

Scott Schwieterman
Brand Design | Gensler

Amy Jo Levine
Partner/Design Director | Visual Asylum

Other Environmental Graphic Design Firms:
Poulin + Morris
Anne Gordon Design
Selbert Perkins Design
Dyal and Partners
Axia Creative

How Awkward People can Start Non-Awkward Conversations | Drake Baer

Some tips I took away from this article:

  • "Remember that most people in the room at any given networking event feel the same way you do...scared to death."
  • desensitization therapy: doing something that "scares the crap out of you in small to increasingly larger doses, so that one day it only scares a fart out of you, and one day nary a bowel movement."
  • Networking is not only a way to reap benefits. It is also a way to get to know other people and sincerely make friends.
  • Be Sincere. 
I can pretty much make any conversation awkward just by being there, I avoid social events with strangers like the plague, and I am an overall shy person. I always used to think that introverted people are at a disadvantage when it comes to becoming successful. Whether or not this is the case, I need to get out of my shell and go through "desensitization therapy" and practice. This means attending AIGA events, reaching out to design firms and studios, and having conversations with people I don't know. This article was not particularly enlightening or life-changing, but it does speak to a couple of truths. It was a good reminder that feeling awkward in new social situations is universal, and that sincerity trumps all.

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