Mary Lim

Monday, February 02, 2015

pp: creative brief + marks

to encompass who I am as a designer/person and how I would like to be presented
other challenges:
  • the website should let the work speak for itself
  • should showcase my design sensibilities 
  • emphasize what sets me apart from everyone else
what is being created
a branding mark to work across mediums

other designers

what does the audience believe right now
nothing, except what is available on behance

what do we want the audience to believe?
that my work is well-designed versatile, purposeful, experimental and complex yet friendly

what's in it for me?
it is showcasing who I am as an artist and will become my identity/identifier

adjectives I want to be described with
versatile, purposeful, challenging, dimensional, experimental, thoughtful, detail=oriented, well-crafted, constantly thinking of ideas

what do we want them to do?
hire me!

versatile, complex yet friendly, purposeful & experimental
revisit your branding for Mies Van Der Rohe
bring out its approachable-ness, friendliness 

second row, first mark from left is engaging, draws viewer in. try it on different backgrounds and in different colors

second row, last mark on right is simple and small, could work across mediums

top row, fourth one in makes the viewer think (good if you want to convey thoughtfulness)

last row, last mark looks expected

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