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Friday, February 27, 2015

pp: reading response

Reading Response
"What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Candidate"

  • "I want you to be likeable"
    • smile, make eye-contact, be enthusiastic
    • be someone you'd like to work with
  • "I don't want you to immediately say you want the job"
    • learn about what the job entails first
  • "I want you to stand out..."
    • what impression you make is everything
    • be memorable; have a hook
  • "...but not for being negative"
    • don't complain about your current/past job
    • remain positive
  • "I want you to ask lots of questions about what really matters to you..."
    • ask questions!
  • "...but only if the majority of those questions relate to real work."
  • "I love when you bring a "project."
    • research about the employer and perhaps contribute to the company
  • "At the end I want you to ask for the job...and I want to know why."
    • prove you're a good fit and ask if you got the job
  • "I want you to follow up...especially if it's genuine."
    • include something you've discussed during the interview
Thinking like an interviewer is extremely helpful in telling them what they want to hear and what they're thinking about. I can then identify their objectives and meet those goals in order to increase my chances of getting hired. It's easy to forget to do small things like following up with an email or remaining positive. This article shows that an applicant should take one step further and contribute to the company, standing out from the rest. I'll keep these things in mind whenever I interview with an employer. 

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