Mary Lim

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

pp: web portfolio

Key Words: Experimental, Dimensional, Versatile, Thoughtful, Challenging

I want my portfolio website to appear tactile and definitely unique. As opposed to something extremely simple and graphic, my website will have hints of the aesthetic of collage and specifically Charles Minard's map of Napoleon's campaign; While still being sophisticated and clean, it will also seem like a controlled mass of cluttered data. At any rate, I think this is the best way to articulate what I'm envisioning in my head, but it does sound a bit strange now. 

Here are some examples of what I'm picturing: 

Martin Venezky

His studio's ingenious use of gifs display their aesthetic as well as their aims and goals. It's like a vast collection of small movements that he created. Most importantly, these gifs show, and don't tell, which is what Venezky brings into all his work.
How built: 

Post Typography

This website displays all their work at the same time. It does feel overwhelming at first glance, but once the user hovers over each section and clicks on the arrow, they feel a sense of organization and order. 


This aesthetic is not what I'm going for, but their creation of new web language was particularly engaging: the scrollbar is on the top, where the user can drag it left and right to view more of the projects. 

Sagmeister & Walsh

Right from the homepage, I can tell what kind of designer Sagmeister and Walsh is. The image is a bird's-eye view of their studio, with clickable links on the ground. It's both clever and personal. 

Maya Lin

built with Flash

This website is beautiful. She incorporates both sound and image to display her work. For my Narrative project, I couldn't help but borrow some of her ideas for my Union Station Kiosk. 


Their combination of both analog and digital made the user feel as though someone were there with them, directing them on how to use the website. It's was a nice break from screen-based type.

Parsons Academic Page

Though this is not a portfolio website, I liked how they organized the information. The user can see all the graduate/undergraduate programs in the grid-like structure. Once the user clicks on one of the boxes, the website does not go to a another page, but expands and pushes the other boxes outward.

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