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Monday, March 23, 2015

ia: muse wireframes

I find that creating a list of objectives for myself for each project is extremely helpful. It anchors my work to a clear goal, and helps me enjoy the project more (not that I'm not enjoying it already). The aesthetic will be along the lines of Marian Bantjes and Martin Venezky, two designers who simultaneously have striking similarities yet blaring differences. Both have a feeling of complexity and rawness. Marian Bantjes' work is immediately identifiable; it seems to include a sense of mysticism and "wonder" (as she calls it), but Martin Venezky's aesthetic is a difficult one to describe. His work is more like painting. He creates compositions that take on the form of fine art and functional design. Through merging the aesthetic of these two designers, I can achieve my main goal of this project: to portray the letters in an informational yet emotive way.

The feeling I want to invoke in my website is the same feeling one gets when collecting/reviving small treasures. People who collect things, I think, are a little OCD in some ways. They need to maintain order and control. This desire usually manifests itself into the need to collect. Like a person collecting interesting recordings of sounds, or an old man who collects artfully crafted books, collections can be for both display for others to see and for one's own pleasure.

-informational & organized yet emotive & personal
-bridges the gap between digital and print (because it's a collection of letters translated onto a website | can be done through utilizing handwriting, collage, cut-outs...)
-delivers an innovative/non-cliche way of showing letters
-user-friendly, extremely clear, but still engaging

letters on the side, indicating where you are on the page

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