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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

ia: reading response

Don't Make Me Think | Steve Krug
Chapter 3: Billboard Design 101
Designing pages for scanning, not reading

  • create a clear visual hierarchy
    • display prominence with size differences
    • and visual comparisons (changes in color)
    • and clear nesting
  • conventions are your friends
    • use conventions to your advantage
    • try not to create a whole new language
  • break up pages with clearly defined areas
  • make it obvious what's clickable
    • even the subtle placement of a triangle can bridge the gap between clarity and confusion
  • keep the noise down to a dull roar
    • types of visual noise
      • busyness - too much information on page
      • background noise 
This reading's message was pretty clear; to design according to convenience and clarity. I thought it was interesting how Krug emphasized using conventions to our own advantage. Designers are usually hesitant to use these conventions because of the nature of what they are, which is doing something in a common way. 

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