Mary Lim

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

pp: midterm reflection

How do you think you're doing overall?

This semester in Professional Practice has been an informationally rich one. I've read many articles on how to interview well, how to create a successful portfolio site, and how to brand myself. I feel so fortunate to have a course dedicated to professional practice in my junior year, especially because it takes off some of the stress and confusion after graduation. Though I've learned a lot, I would like to push myself more in terms of promoting myself and my work. I've found that doing projects based on myself is strange; creating my own website, making an identity, and promoting ME becomes a project in of itself, and is in some ways a manipulative advertisement (without the negative connotations of manipulation). I hope to do better in terms of understanding the concept of branding and creating an image of myself accordingly.

Where do you think you're struggling & succeeding?

After gathering all the materials and content for my portfolio site, I've been having trouble translating key qualities in my work into creating an identity for myself. Using my current keywords, experimental, versatile, dimensional, thoughtful, and challenging, my identity should reflect these characteristics. I do have an vision in mind, such as the aesthetic of Martin Venezky and Post Typography, but I need to make my brand, MY brand, and personalize it so that it's unique and stands out among my competition. I'm also currently overwhelmed with anxiety about what I will have to do to achieve my goals. I have high ambitions, but my fear of failure is overriding those ambitions.

What are your goals for the rest of the semester?

For this semester, some long-term goals include becoming comfortable with the idea of advertising myself and my strong points, and creating a successful portfolio site which not only features my body of work in an innovative way, but also in a way where employers can already sense key qualities in my work. Practical goals include staying on top of readings and utilizing what I learned from those readings, staying inspired through researching about other designers, and being consistent with my process.

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