Mary Lim

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

pp: print portfolio progress

my updated resume looks like this:

business card iteration:

my current portfolio looks like this:
but it needs to be updated

I want to create a portfolio that...

can be added to...

has unique binding...

takes advantage of its tactility...
that's cohesive but focuses on the work...

and that looks like this.

An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates | Co. Design

  • pirates can operate when rules and safety nets break down
  • Steve Jobs sought out "pirates" for his team
    • Why?
      • can function without bureaucracy (they support one another for one goal for the good of the team)
      • more likely to embrace change and challenge convention
  • Pirates with Passion
    • Steve Jobs looked for passionate pirates and people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences
Steve Jobs has an extremely logical and reasonable philosophy, but no one would think to connect piracy and a company. Piracy in its traditional sense is not encouraged, but the types of people involved in piracy is very much related to creativity and work ethic. One point that stood out the most was how pirates can function without a bureaucracy. They support each other and their leader for one goal, and can function in stressful environments. They also are more likely to challenge convention. As someone who sticks to traditional rules, I may be more fit for the "navy" at IBM, but I need to think more laterally and break traditions.

The Cover Letters That Make Hiring Managers Smile (Then Call You) | Jenny Foss
  • 1. Tell them why you're interested in the company
  • 2. Outline what you can walk through the doors and deliver
  • 3. Tell a story that's not on your resume
  • 4. Address the letter to an actual person
Cover letters are the first things employers see. It's an opportunity to "plant seeds" of influence and create a pre-first impression. Pulling off a cover letter can aid in getting hired. Most of these points are things we've covered in class, however, it was helpful in that it reinforced these points and emphasized the importance of being specific and with the perspective of the employer.

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