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Sunday, March 22, 2015

pp: reading response

50 Things Every Creator Should Know | Jamie Wieck

  • Tips that stood out to me:
    • Success is not a finite source
      • another does not have to fail in order for you to succeed
    • You cannot score without a goal
    • Have a positive self-image
    • Listen to your instincts
    • Make your work easy to see
      • people are lazy
    • Time is precious, get to the point
    • Never take an unpaid internship
    • Seek criticism, not praise
    • News travels fast
    • Read contracts
    • Boring problems lead to boring solutions
    • New ideas always seem 'stupid' at first
      • give a new idea another chance
    • Show sketches, not polished ideas
    • Get out of the studio
This article offered a list of tips that were helpful to all designer's despite experience and position. One tip that stood out among the rest was how designer's should show sketches and not polished ideas. Sketches allow for criticism, new idea generation, and a flexibility that polished ideas just cannot offer. I often do not like exposing my progress, especially because I do not like getting my work judged before I'm finished with it. I need to seek out criticism and critique from others in order to get better in my design work.

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