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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ia: ebay user test + 3 user tests

ebay user test
In general, using ebay was...well let's just say that the website looks like a google search, with blue hyperlinks and chaotic information everywhere. I actually haven't ever used ebay before, so it was interesting see how ebay functions in comparison to things that I usually use, like amazon. 

buying wood type | 2-3 inches tall | full alphabet

This is the home page. It's relatively clean, with a clear search bar at the top. Everything else on the bottom are key items or popular sales.

Just like a google search, other search terms appear when you type in your desired item. 

The results for "wood type" in the Printing and Graphic Arts category. There are ways to sort the info on the left, and more related items on the right. Here it feels very cluttered. But what I liked was that it had the option of viewing the results in different ways. Here I added "full alphabet." The titles for these items are always IN FULL CAPS and have a ton of extra information about the item.

Clicked on one of the items. Scrolling down, it has more info, but it wasn't the whole alphabet so I went back and searched again. The seller's ratings are on the right

This is another result I found. Scrolling down, it fit all the qualifications. The bidding information comes first, then its details (like amazon). This makes sense because if people like what they see, they will continue to scroll downwards. Otherwise, they would go back and search again.

The information presented here is after scrolling down. Information is bolded, and describes what the user will receive. 

marc chagall print collector
I really was not sure how to go about this one. But, I figured that the "event" was bidding at the auction. Finding all of Chagall's prints were mainly about filtering and sorting through piles of information.

Here, I first type Marc Chagall's name, and then see what options come up first. 

I see all the results, but I want to change the way I view it.

After viewing it in gallery mode, I see what sorting options I have

I realize that I'm only looking for his prints (left side)

I then click "Auctions" because I want to be a part of the live auction.

Upon clicking one of the results, I decide to be a part of the auction for that particular work

Placing bid

3 user tests for app
Sam Yates
After the landing page I lose nelson's feet. The perspective seems weird. But I medics truly know to click story. When deciding how man players I feel a little lost. Maybe just having the number would do the trick. Next screen is navigable and explanatory. Arriving on the where to begin seems self-explanatory but maybe making the dots more "clickable" would aid in UI. 
Michael Batiste

Overall I think the interface is pretty straight forward. I think the gestures are pretty familiar and easy to follow. I just have a couple questions about transitions and buttons.
For the first screen I clicked lets do it!
Second screen I pressed story. But was confused on the purpose of the button sense there is no other options.
Third I choose one character and assumed it would activate or notify me that its active. Then choose continue. I wondered if the buttons could be more broad in the options like one, + one or group or something.
Fourth I choose mini games and selected my starting point. I thought these two transitions where pretty clear and straight forward. Did you guys think about what it be like if the starting point was proximity censored. Meaning automatically selecting the starting point because the censor recognizes the location.
Fifth I assumed the racket would work by dragging and holding it in position to hit the birdie. Not sure if this is right so instructions might help. ( under the racket maybe, with a low opacity. That fades away once you understand the controls.) 

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