Mary Lim

Monday, April 20, 2015

ia: monyays

IDEO | Making Mondays Joyful

The uses of design is applicable to any aspect of life. From subway systems to making Mondays more enjoyable, IDEO illustrates the versatility of graphic design. IDEO defined a problem, which was the sucky-nature of Mondays and then offered some joyful solutions to combat usual feelings of dread on a Monday morning. Through altering the sound of a blaring alarm clock, appreciating the things we have, and creating more friendly reminders/calendars, IDEO attempts to start the week off right. As I was listening to the podcast, it sounded like such a fun project to take on. Mondays seem inevitably horrible, but it can change with simple shifts in attitude and perception. And design does exactly that. Though the solutions IDEO offers are temporary and are only valuable due to the surprise factor, the gadgets work together in a grander scheme of "re-branding" Mondays. I wonder though, if there are more intuitive and subtle ways to alter the experience of Mondays.

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