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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

pp: interview key + reading

interview key

7 Things You Must Do Before Applying to Jobs | Sarah Chang
before sending out applications, you should...

  • Do work on your online reputation
    • 80% of employers google applicants before interviews
  • LinkedIn is crucial to have updated
    • don't let people mistakenly think you've landed a new job
  • 3 Things to do before the job search
    • determine who the stakeholders are
      • people whose daily life will be altered by your next job
      • a new job means a new life
    • build your network and your reputation
      • a reputation is something you build
      • network online and in person
    • Figure out what your skill set is and what you want to do with it — and be ready to entertain far-out ideas.
  • ask "What are you optimizing for?"
  • do some soul searching
    • what're your unique talents? don't take them for granted
    • assess your eight essential dimensions: interests, motivators...
  • figure out how you feel about your current job
    • is the grass always greener?
    • is there a long time plan?
    • are you appreciated?
    • what does my boss think of me?
  • 9 things to consider before job searching while employed
    • keep job search and work separate
    • be careful who you tell
    • schedule interviews strategically
    • your boss may be threatened
    • use former employees as references
    • be honest with potential employers
    • don't forget about current job
    • remember that you don't have the job yet

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